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typical Indonesian medicinal plants ( 2 )

Bulbs ginger oleoresin contains compounds known as gingerols which are as antioxidant. The nature is what makes ginger touted antiaging useful as bioactive components. Ginger bioactive components may serve to protect the fat / membranes from oxidation, inhibit the oxidation of cholesterol, and boost immunity. Benefits of ginger are traditionally well known is as follows: Common Cold Remedy: Take the old ginger thumb, washed and crushed and boiled with two cups of water, add brown sugar to taste. Simmer approximately 1/4 hours. Lift and drink warm. Headache or migraine (headaches) Remedy: Take the Seibu finger ginger, roasted and then crushed. Brewed with a glass of water and give a little palm sugar, drink once. Drink three times a day. Preventing motion sickness Remedy: Take the Seibu finger ginger, washed and thinly sliced​​, then boiled with a glass of water. Warm drink before boarding the vehicle. Sprains Remedy: Take ginger 'more than two segments. Rinse and then grated, add a little salt. Apply this mixture on a sprained limbs. Do twice a day.

Tempuyung (Sonchus arvensis L) including chronic herb plants are usually grown in shaded places. The leaves are green with a little purple slick, wavy edges, and irregularly toothed. Near the base of the stem, toothed leaves that form a rosette terpusar and located on the top hugging intermittent alternating stems. Wavy leaves hug the stem is what efficacious destroy kidney stones. Inside the leaves contained relatively high levels of potassium. The presence of potassium tempuyung leaves is what makes kidney stones scattered in the form of calcium carbonate, because potassium will get rid of calcium carbonate to join compound, oxalate, or uric which is a kidney stone formers. The precipitate was finally dissolved kidney stones and drifted out with the urine. Required for use as a drug tempuyung five fresh leaves. Once washed, leaves smoked for a while. The leaves are eaten as a salad once finished with the rice. In one day we could take as much as three times the fresh vegetable

Garlic (Allium sativum) is an annual herb that has berumpun height of about 60 cm. This plant is widely grown in the fields in a mountainous area that gets enough sunlight. Pseudo-stem and the stem is green. Bersiung bottom-cloves, joining a large white bulbs. Each leather-wrapped cloves sliced ​​thin and if it smells very sharp. Ribbon-shaped leaves (flat aft), flat edge, pointed tip, grooved, length 60 cm and width 1.5 cm. Fibrous roots. The flowers are white, long-stemmed and umbrella shape. Garlic can be used for alternative medicine as follows: a. Garlic Flu and Cough. Sulfur contained in garlic make it have a distinctive smell and taste may improve and accelerate activities in the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract, which helps relieve compression and mucus. Raw Garlic contains phytochemicals that may help kill bacteria and viruses that cause disease. How do I use it? Eat as much garlic as soon as you feel pain or add garlic to the dish. You can also make a cough medicine with this recipe: Mash garlic and input into the cold milk in a saucepan, and heat about 1-2 minutes, and drink warm. b. Garlic and Cholesterol There are now over 12 studies published worldwide that ensure that the garlic in various forms can reduce cholesterol. Therefore, it can be concluded that garlic can cure high blood pressure, heart disease. One study published in "The Journal of The Royal College of Physicians" by Silagy and Neil HAW CS 1994 mentioned that garlic is an agent for reducing fat. The author states that garlic supplements is the most important part in the healing of high cholesterol. According to him, on the whole, a decrease of 12% of the total cholesterol. This decrease occurred after 4 weeks perawata c. Garlic and Onions Cancer also has content for the fight against cancer, especially cancer of the stomach and colon. Organosulfida contained in garlic helps the liver process the toxic chemical compounds, including chemical compounds that cause cancer several epidemiological studies show that people who consume a lot of garlic lower risk of stomach and colon cancer. To ensure that you will get maximum results, researchers from Penn State Unipersity recommend to let the first piece of onion or a collision for at least 10 minutes, giving it time onions form the contents that help fight cancer.

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