Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Benefit of "JENGKOL" for our health

dog fruit in Indonesia called jengkol (Archidendron pauciflorum) is a typical plant in the Southeast Asian region, the seeds are liked by people as food. Jengkol including the tribe of legumes (Fabaceae). The fruit is a flattened pod and convoluted form a spiral shape, violet-colored old. Epidermis thin-skinned fruit seeds with shiny brown color. Jengkol can cause odor in urine after being processed and processed by digestion, especially when eaten fresh as a salad

Food is commonly used as vegetables does smell bad enough, but many people who are fond of vegetables on this one. Jengkol is kind of vegetables can also be eaten more menu for lovers jengkol. Jengkol for health benefits is not yet widely known.

Many people underestimate jengkol because if too much eating jengkol it will cause disease. Besides the smell makes some people reluctant to touch for fear jengkol create body odor and bad breath become unpleasant.

Jengkol actually have a high fiber content and also contain jengkolat acids, vitamins and minerals. Jengkol also is a diuretic so as to facilitate the disposal of urine and very good for people with coronary heart disease. Because of its very good in helping to treat digestive problems, then jengkol ranks second as a material other than apple slimming stomach.

Jengkol other benefits for health is the ability to prevent and treat diabetes. This is because jengkol has acid content and high mineral. But unfortunately, jengkolat acids that exist in this jengkol have insoluble and form crystals that cause negative effects if you eat them in excess. In many cases, jengkolat acid causing small bowel obstruction if consumed excessively jengkol because the kidneys are unable to filter the amount of acid that goes for having passed the threshold should be.

Jengkol rich in nutrients such as carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin B, protein, calcium, phosphorus, steroids, tannins, saponins and glycosides. And it's not only the amount of vitamin C in jengkol can boost our immune, and help enzymes work in our body and helps cellular respiration. Calcium contained in jengkol help bone growth of the bones in the body to grow and become stronger.

For adults calcium alone to help care for bone health to avoid the vulnerability or ostioforosis bone. Jengkol other benefits of preventing disease anemia or anemia.

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  1. The beans are mildly toxic due to the presence of djenkolic acid, an amino acid, which causes djenkolism (jengkol bean poisoning). It causes “spasmodic pain, gout, urinary obstruction and acute renal failure“. [Wong, J. S., et al. (2007). Acute anuric renal failure following jering bean ingestion. Asian J Surg 30:1 80-1.]